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Provide Closure for families you serve.


Our mission.

From securing Facebook profiles to filing taxes, responsibilities and confusion after a death can be overwhelming.

Without action, valuable pictures are lost, funds are never claimed, and last year, over 2.5 million deceased identities were stolen.

We help families effortlessly manage all of their responsibilities, in one place.

Built for everyone.

Whether you're an executor of the estate, surviving family member, or helpful friend, our comprehensive and user-friendly tools make it simple to stay organized and take action.

We do the work for you.

Instead of making copies, completing paperwork, and mailing forms, input your information once and we'll take care of the details.

Safe and secure.

Bank-level encryption keeps your data safe, and when you're done, all of your personal information is removed from our online database


See how Closure helps your clients.

Identify funds and accounts
We search hundreds of companies for insurance policies, data, airline miles and online accounts belonging to the deceased.
Sample Digital Report
Prevent identity theft and fraud
We directly notify credit bureaus, financial institutions, government agencies, benefit providers, and other organizations of the death.
Send requests and avoid fees
Clients can forward mail, cancel subscriptions, transfer cell phone plans, file claims, and send requests directly from their account
Secure Facebook and profiles
Memorialize social media profiles from one place. Stop the deceased's information from spreading, without deleting valuable photos or memories.
Protect personal information
Prevent spam emails and identity theft by closing all of the deceased's online accounts.
Plan ahead and stay organized
A personal 24/7 Checklist makes sure that clients always know what to do, and when to do it. From paying taxes to hosting an estate sale, we provide specific directions and guidance for every responsibility.
Additional tools
Our team of professionals is always available to offer assistance with everything from settling debts to creating legacy scholarships and more.
Personalized support
We tailor our services for each and every client. Whatever the need, we're here to help.

How It Works

Simple, secure, and built for everyone.

Get Involved

Provide Closure for your clients.

Step 1: Offer Closure services.

By partnering with Closure, you can add our services to your list of offerings. Our features are built for everyone, and we recommend including Closure with your basic services package.

Step 2: Setup your client's account.

Setting up an account for your client is quick and easy. From your director portal, simply input your client's information (name and email) and upload a copy of the deceased's death certificate. (It can be a photocopy or picture of the death certificate, and does not have to be a certified copy).

Step 3: Done!

Done! With Closure, your clients now have comprehensive services for all of their responsibilities.

By providing initial, verified information about the deceased, you allow your clients to immediately take action, instead of worrying about uploading documents. You help clients save time, money, and energy that they can now spend with their loved ones.

We provide you with detailed analytics on your client's progress, so you can see exactly how they are using Closure to work for them.

Start offering your clients Closure today.
Getting started is free, and can only help the clients and families you serve.