Financial security after a death.

File with federal, state, and digital agencies.

Dealing with loss can be overwhelming. Criminals use obituaries and death certificates to target victims, and death fraud costs the average family and estate over $30B. Take action now to prevent pain later.

Save time, money, and peace of mind

Dealing with loss can be overwhelming. We help you take action and effortlessly manage all of your responsibilities, in one place.
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We bring together everything from probate and taxes to the deceased's Facebook profile and more. It's all of your responsibilities, on one account that's easy to understand.

Save time, money, and get peace of mind
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Simple and secure
Stop filling out paperwork and forms, and start taking action today. We stress the details and connect with institutions directly, so you can take action and focus on what's important.

Stay organized and in control
Effortlessly stay on top of probate, wills, debts, taxes, memorial scholarships, legacy events and more with helpful reminders and personal guides.

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all of your responsibilities, in one place.
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